Plans for 2017

A brief summary of the research hoping to be undertaken for the rest of 2017..

During August, University of Reading students are carrying out interviews with key stakeholders and potential beneficiaries of the research to better understand what they would like to get from the research programme, so that we can ensure that the research is as beneficial as possible to a wide range of stakeholders and providers.  

In late summer/ early autumn, the Whitley Researchers will also start the research with parents and other members of the community to understand their barriers to schools and their opinions on how interaction with the schools can be improved. 

The programme will run from June 2017 to Jan 2018, with key activities as shown below: 

Phase  Activity  Timescale 
Phase 1 ‘equip’  Equip participants with the skills to identify and shape the most appropriate methods for meeting the aims and objectives, in partnership with the schools, young people, parents and other stakeholders.    June – Aug 2017 


Phase 2 


Engage young people, schools and parents in undertaking the in-depth qualitative research data collection  Sept – Oct 2017 
Phase 3 


Consultation and evaluation stage for all partners to undertake data analysis and share findings that enhances our collective understanding of the key issues    Oct – Nov 2017 
Phase 4 


Opportunities for all partners to develop recommendations through a working partnership that empowers young people, parents and schools to raise aspirations and attainment moving forward.     Dec 2017/ Jan 2018 

Outcomes from the research will include: 

  • A better understanding of young people’s aspirations and how they think they might achieve them which might influence how both schools and other agencies engage with young people 
  • Better ‘working relationship’ between schools and parents to encourage parents to become more actively involved in school life and to improve school performance 
  • A strong series of recommendations that stakeholders and service providers can use to direct and focus funding and adapt their services. 

The research is being funded by Reading Borough Council’s Decent Neighbourhood Fund (£20k) and Affinity Housing (£10k).

The Whitley Researchers are looking to expand their team and recruit new members of the community to help shape research that can really make a difference to Whitley and target issues that they feel are most important.

The Whitley Researchers are Recruiting

If you are interested, please read the advert attached above or talk to John Ord or Sally Lloyd-Evans, who can give you more information and even meet you for an informal chat.



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