UoR Internship Event

Daniel Mitchell, Project Intern, updates us about the internship event that took place at the University of Reading.

On Monday 3rd November Danni, Beth and I, the three Interns working on the project, were invited to present a poster at the University with all the other interns that had projects as part of the Reading Internship Scheme.

For the evening, we had to produce two posters (pictured above) and our posters focused on Building Relationships in the Community and Helping the University Engage in the Community. We chose these themes as we felt they were the most relevant to the work and research that we have done on the project.

Our Community focused poster discussed: an overview of the project, the background research that was completed, details of the online platform that we have built and the initial findings. The poster also included our preliminary project proposals for the community and the what is next for the project.

Our University focused poster discussed: how the University is engaging with the Community, the relationships that we built during the project, the impact of the project, some key quotes and the skills that we developed. It also included some ideas for the University, the supervisors comments and the next steps.

On the evening, most of the team working on the project attended the event and it was a great evening all round. There were a lot of people who were interested in talking to us about the project and we shared our ideas and took questions on our poster and it was really good to see so much interest in what we have been doing.

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