Latest Meeting Update

Elizabeth Kingdom, Project Intern, gives us an update on some of the meetings that have taken place over the last few weeks.

Last week was another busy one filled with lots and lots of activities and this blog is going to focus on the most recent interviews. John and I interviewed several Head Teachers in Whitley schools in order to find out their opinions. In total, Whitley has 10 schools and nurseries and so understanding their transport needs is vital. Speaking with the heads, we realised that transport is significant to the education of children and the feasibility of taking children out for trips.

Many head teachers explained that their schools do not own a bus and hence rely on borrowing a mini bus or hiring a coach for day trips. They explained that transport is the major cost, and also barrier, for taking students on field trips. Therefore, there was a large interest in a community transport scheme, bus share or social enterprise in the community by the schools.

We also had an interview with Horseman’s coaches, a major coach company in Berkshire which provides services to schools, days out, etc. It was interesting to hear about the services of Horseman’s, how they could possibly be able to help with our project and to explain and discuss our findings about transport needs in Whitley.

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