Out and About in Whitley: Part 2

Emma Lacy and Eleanor Bowerman-Whyatt, students at the University of Reading, give us an update on the project and tell us about how the group has taken the questionnaire out door-to-door into the community…

We have had a very busy week this week so this post will be split into two parts! We have continued collecting research for the project, continued gathering the opinions of local residents through questionnaires and focus groups and met with several key stakeholders in the Whitley area. This post will focus on gathering opinions.

A vital part of the research we have been carrying out involves getting an even spread of data from across Whitley to ensure that as many of the residents voices are heard as possible. Over the past few weeks, members of the research team have been carrying out the questionnaire and have gone from house to house to talk to residents about their transport needs and where they hope to see the funding being spent.

The feedback gathered from the questionnaires has been very insightful and the team are working on analysing the data to gain a clearer idea of the needs of the residents of Whitley. We are currently at  500 completed questionnaires with more still more coming in. This is a positive number and will allow us to be able to make some valid conclusions of the needs of the residents of Whitley.

We have also been conducting focus groups involving locals from Whitley, in order to gain more in depth knowledge on what people have found to be barriers in every day transport. This has been crucial for the research as much of what was described expanded on and identified many different points that will be included in the report, as well as giving ideas on where the funding could be best used in Whitley.Methods such as these are very important in order to make sure everyone’s point of view is expressed, and that the funds are used for long term benefits to the community.

We hope to complete more focus groups in the next few weeks so please do let us know if you are interested. Remember to stay tuned for the latest updates across our social media channels on FacebookTwitter and Instagram. You can also fill in our questionnaire here and find the latest of our blog posts on the Big Local Whitley site here, or on our WordPress blog here.

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