Blagdon Day Nursery

Danni Dorn, Project Intern at the University of Reading, feeds back from the focus group at Blagdon Day Nursery…

Today Sally Lloyd-Evans, Elizabeth Kingdom and I conducted a small focus group with parents at Blagdon Day Nursery to find out their views on transport in Whitley.

As we began to ask parents what barriers they have experienced in their daily lives relating to transport many were unable to pinpoint any recent issues they had incurred. One man did explain the issues his wife had in catching the bus in time to get from the nursery to her older son’s school but on a whole parents and staff were keen to focus on the benefits of living in Whitley.

The Blagdon Day Nursery staff explained how safe they felt in Whitley and parents felt they lived in a close knit community; quotes included “We love Whitley”’ and “I would pay to not be moved out of my area.” There was also emphasis on the array of activities available to young children and the rise of job opportunities available in Whitley.

The focus group gave us more qualitative data and allowed us to gain a greater insight into the everyday transport needs of locals and what locals would like to see from the funding. With such optimism, everyone was eager to take part and keep up to date with any progress made with the Whitley Researchers. This is such a refreshing outlook on the lives of people in Whitley. Whilst we have seen with the project that there may be certain issues with certain things, a positive attitude is the first step to overcoming these problems as a community!

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