Meetings with NTA

Elizabeth Kingdom, Project Intern, discusses how the University of Reading and Northumberland Training Academy have been working on the project together and how they are building a positive relationship because of it…

This week we have been working with Northumberland Training Academy (NTA) on social media sites and putting together a press release. James and the students at NTA have been assisting with the Whitley project and helped to pilot the questionnaire. This project is all about the community and establishing a relationship between the University and NTA is very important for engagement in the community.

The students at NTA have been working on increasing the use of social media for the project in Whitley and they have created pages on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Their primary use is to share information and keep the local community updated with the project but they are also handy for sharing pictures, posting links and sharing our latest ideas. In our meeting with NTA this week, the other student interns and I, shared our own ideas with the students and then worked with them to see how they could be implemented. The ideas for the social media included: 100 days of Whitley, a Whitley project hashtag, regular updates and engaging with the Whitley public.

It has been so interesting working with the girls at NTA and I have learned so much from them already! The school is very tech-savvy and they have told us all about Google+ and Google Drive. Although this is not necessarily directly linked with transport, it has definitely proved useful for communicating with the other interns and Sally. As part of the University and through the internship, I have gained a lot of technical knowledge and insight into the local community.

Working with NTA has been really beneficial for the academy as well and next week, the students at NTA have been invited to the University with the rest of the team working on the Whitley project. This day at the University will involve a talk about University life and research training on focus groups and analysing questionnaire data as well as a tour around the Whiteknights campus.

Next week, we will have an update from the research day at the University. If you are interested in the project, you can track the latest updates across the social media channels on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. If you would like to fill in our questionnaire, please click here. We have now also created our own blog and you can find the latest posts on the Big Local Whitley site here, or on our WordPress blog here.

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