Collecting Questionnaires

Project Intern Daniel Mitchell tells us all about how the team have started to collect questionnaires…

This week we have been out in the community getting local residents to fill in our questionnaire, after completing a successful pilot. The questionnaire aims to investigate a range of transportation issues that covers everything from mobility issues to typical barriers that are encountered by the public, such as: parking prices, having to take two or more buses to get somewhere and the cost of travel.

We began the week by visiting Christ the King Catholic Primary School on the afternoon of Wednesday 2nd July. We were able to speak with lots of parents and began to build an idea of how difficult it was for some to travel around Whitley, even if it was just to and from school. It was also noticeable that parking was a major problem in and around several of the schools within the Whitley area. On the Thursday of the same week, a small group of us visited Ridgeway Primary School and we were able to talk to and get more opinions from parents.

On the following day, a team of us headed down to Morrisons on Basingstoke Road and here we were able to talk to a more varied group of people. After talking with people of all ages, we began to get a real feel of what transport problems the residents in Whitley were faced with. As we stood outside the store, we quickly realised just how problematic the transport issue could be as there was a long walk to the bus stop across the car park and the lack of a taxi rank meant that there was quite often a long wait for customers after they had done their shopping.

It was really good to begin getting the questionnaires filled in this week and hopefully this will be the first of many! Next week, we will be meeting with Northumberland Training Academy who have been working to set up some social media pages, so make sure you stay tuned for some updates.

If you would like to fill in our questionnaire, please click here. We are looking to fill in more questionnaires, so if you run a club or event in Whitley, please get in contact with us!

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